Vintage Rogers 'Swingtime' Outfit, early 60s


22,13,16 & Powertone snare

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Vintage Rogers ‘Swingtime’ outfit – early 1960s

This immaculate Rogers ‘Swingtime’ outfit in sparkling Champagne is another absolute stunner. This set was sourced from a large collection of vintage drums residing in the UK, and dates from the early 60s – 1962-3.

These earlier American Rogers sets feature 3 ply shells and the ‘bread and butter’ lugs that were phased out around 1964 and are highly collectible, especially in this condition!

Everything on this kit is original; the wrap is vibrant and dances when the light hits it, and the hardware is not only period correct but also fully functional and without cosmetic issue. All drums feature the Rogers script badge fixed with the original pins and have the grey interiors.

This set is not only in the most popular configuration of 22,13,16, but is particularly special as it has the matching snare to accompany. There are some minor marks on the wrap from use, but nothing that jumps out and certainly none of the drums have any issues.

All drums were made in Cleveland, Ohio - 3 ply shells with reinforcement hoops and flatter bearing edges, grey interiors and paper tags. The serial numbers on the internal tags and hardware date this set 1962-3.

All drums feature orignal Rogers batter heads - unplayed on the toms, some wear on the bass drum. The toms feature clear Remo Ambassadors. 

The hardware on these drums is second to none; the highly advanced swivomatic tom holder was a game changer, which is why name players endorsed by other brands insisted on having them fitted to their shells (Ringo, Mitch Mitchell, Neil Peart). All the hardware here, is in full working order.

Despite the popularity of other vintage drum brands, many would argue that the greatest tone is produced from Rogers shells, and the many names that use them to this day are testament to that. Many studios have a vintage Rogers kit tucked away in the drum room, they record so well. So, if you are looking for a truly great sounding vintage kit, that sounds better than it looks then maybe this Rogers Swingtime outfit is a consideration for you.

What you get:

Top Tom: 13 x 9”

Floor Tom: 16 x 16”

Bass Drum: 22 x 14”

Snare Drum: 14 x 5” Powertone

Hardware: Swivomatic tom holder, bass drum spurs, floor tom legs.

This set is highly collectible as well as highly playable and possibly the nicest looking kit I’ve seen!

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