Vintage Ludwig Vistalite - SOLD


22,12,13,16,18 & Snare

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Vintage Ludwig Vistalite 1977-8

This Kit is now SOLD.

This jaw dropping vintage Vistalite kit in blue arrived at the shop just before Christmas. I think the photos speak for themselves. This kit is just Wow!!!

These kits have a definite sound to them, and it is a sound that many are returning to. It’s no coincidence that Ludwig have relaunched the classic Vistalite range. Well this is the real deal, and the shells are in great condition. A few scratches but no cracks or splits. This kit isn’t immaculate collector’s condition, but it is very good and sounds insane with that 18” floor tom!

All hardware is original, some minor corrosion on the floor tom legs and some rubber feet are missing. There are some minor scuffs to the lugs and some of the hoops show sign of wear, but what else would you expect. I challenge anyone to sit behind this kit and not jump into a big fill around those toms. The sound of thunder! These kits actually have loads of tone, when tuned well and played sensitively under mics; I saw Clive Deamer us one live with Portishead, and it was one of the best live drum sounds i've heard.

The tom post and the tom mount blocks are fully functioning and hold well.

The badges and serial numbers date the set 1977-8 with the snare drum a little earlier.

What you get:

Top Tom: 12 x 8”

Top Tom: 13 x 9”

Floor Tom: 16 x 16”

Floor Tom: 18 x 16”

Bass Drum: 22 x 14”

Snare drum: 14 x 5”

Hardware: Floor tom legs (x6), Bass drum spurs (x2), Double tom post.

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