Vintage Hayman 'Showman' kit- SOLD


22,12,13,16 in Gold Ignot

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Vintage Hayman 'Showman' Drum Kit

Here we have a lovely vintage Hayman 'Showman' outfit in Gold Ignot.

In very good condition for its age - dating somewhere between 1970 and 1974. 

All drums feature the original hardware that show the usual signs of wear - some scratches to the chrome and some minor pitting in places, but overall this set is in good condition. Some visible wear to the floor tom legs.

Likewise the wrap shows some minor scratches and wear; there is some wrap missing near the mount on the 12" tom and a small circular disc is present on the 13" - assumably also covering some missing wrap. (See photos).

The white vibrasonic finish that coats the inside of each drum adds to the presence and projection of the shells, which give you a classic vintage tone with plenty of punch.

This set is in lovely original condition in a rarer 'Showman' configuration.

What you get:

12 x 8" Tom

13 x 9" Tom

16 x 16" Floor Tom

22 x 14" Bass drum

Hardware: Set of floor tom legs (3); Flod out bass drum spurs (2); Double tom post.

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