Vintage 1969 Ludwig Big Beat - SOLD


3 ply maple, clear interiors

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Vintage 1969 Ludwig Big Beat in Black Diamond Pearl

This 4-piece kit – 22”, 12”, 13”, 16” – Ludwig kit is, as its Big Beat name suggests, a rocker’s delight, though its versatility extends well beyond that, for live and recording gigs. And it’s in lovely condition, with that stunning Black Diamond Pearl wrap looking rich and vibrant on all the drums. The fittings, which include ‘beavertail’, folding spurs, a bass-mounted double tom holder lugs are all original and in great condition. Though all the drums are date stamped 1969, the same year Ludwig switched to their olive ‘n’ green badge, this kit has the classic keystone badges, so it would be one of the very last of the era to do so. The shells are 3-ply maple/poplar/maple with clear interiors revealing the date stamps indicated in the What You Get list below.


To really take advantage of the walloping power and thunderous tone of these killer shells, the toms are fitted with Remo Pinstripe batters, while the bass has a Premier black dot ‘Donut’ batter and an original white Ludwig front head with the Ludwig script logo. 


We have a Jazz Festival snare drum in Black Diamond Pearl which would complete this set or we'd recommend a chrome Ludwig 400 (14” x 5”) . A Ludwig Acrolite (14” x 5”), the aluminium cousin of the 400, is also worth considering. We typically have all three in stock.


This is a serious kit for players. But if you’re a collector, it is a great example of the very last of the original Keystone kits made at Ludwig’s North Damen Avenue plant in downtown Chicago.


What you get:

12” Top tom - #678639 – 30 July 1969

13” Top tom - #677902 – 31 Jan. 1969

16” Floor tom - #681114 – 30 Jan 1969

22” Bass - #679606 – 1969

Fittings: Bass-mounted double tom holder; floor tom legs (3); folding spurs (2)


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