Vintage Slingerland 20,12,16 - mid 60s


20-12-16: Mid 1960s

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Vintage Slingerland drum kit - mid 1960s

Vintage Slingerland drum kit, 20-12-16; mid 1960s in Sparkling Pink Champagne.

This set is in lovely condition and not only sounds glorious but looks stunning too!

Featuring 3 ply maple shells, with reinforcement hoops, this vintage Slingerland set gives that classic warm vintage sound with little effort. The wrap is original and in great condition, with just some very  minor scuffs from use. 

Bass drum features disappearing bass drum spurs, both toms have original internal dampeners. All hardware on the shells is correct with the exception of the tom mount which is Ludwig, and a gretsch cymbal arm holder. Bass drum hoop inlay is original, but missing from about half of the back hoop.

12" tom is date stamped Aug 1963. 16" floor tom has some ply missing internally at each end of the shell - as if the inner ply was too small for the shell. A couple minor ply splits internally where the fixing screws are, but nothing major.

20" bass drum and 16" floor tom feature Black/Gold Niles badge; no badge on 12" tom

What you get:

12 x 8" Tom

16 x 16" Floor tom

20 x 14" Bass drum

Hardware: Disappearing bass spurs (2); Floor tom legs (3); Tom mount.

This kit looks and sounds lovely, used by previous owner mostly in a studio. 

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