Vintage Rogers Holiday 'Top Hat' Outfit - SOLD


20-12-12-14 in Sparkling Champagne

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Vintage Rogers ‘Top Hat’ outfit 1966-67


This immaculate Rogers ‘Top Hat’ outfit in Sparkling Champagne will turn heads wherever she is played. In a sought after 20-12-12-14 configuration true to the catalogues, this is a beautiful set of drums suited to both the player and collector.

The mid to late sixties American Rogers drums with 5 ply shells are regarded by many to be the best sounding drums ever made. Vintage drum aficionado, Steve Maxwell, claims they are his favourite shells and has a couple Rogers sets that he uses regularly.

Everything on this kit is original; the wrap is vibrant and dances when the light hits it, and the hardware is not only period correct but also fully functional and without cosmetic issue.I love the double Swivomatic tom post which attaches to a central cymbal post, suitable for a handily positioned splash cymbal for those accents.

Although there are two 12” toms on top, I have been able to tune them so that there is a nice descent down the kit to the 14” floor. That, by the way, was referred to as ‘one of the nicest floor toms I’ve heard’ by UK drummer Rob Brian on a very recent visit to Nick Hopkin Drums. I have to agree!

The bass drum spurs and floor tom legs are fully functional, and the chrome hardware is in very good condition at just over fifty years old.

All shells are 5 ply with grey interiors, Rogers script logo badges and original interior paper tags. All tags are marked 'Holiday' made in Cleveland, Ohio. The serial numbers on the tags suggest that the drums were manufatured 1966-67. 

What more can I say? Absolutely stunning. This kit has both the looks and the sound and is in highly sought-after smaller sizes.We have a matching snare drum listed separately, and can do you a deal on that with the kit is desired.

What you get:

Top Tom: 12 x 8”

Top Tom: 12 x 8”

Floor Tom: 14 x 14”

Bass Drum: 20 x 14”

Snare Drum: 14 x 5” Powertone (available separately)

Hardware: Swivomatic double tom holder, bass drum spurs, floor tom legs.


This set is highly collectible as well as highly playable and would look great, anywhere!

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