Vintage Rogers Holiday 'Buddy Rich Celebrity' outfit


22,13,16 1966-69

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Vintage Rogers Holiday 'Buddy Rich Celebrity' outfit in Pink Champagne Pearl

This stunningly nice vintage Rogers Holiday set in Pink Champagne Pearl was sourced from a UK-based Rogers collector who long before the age of the Internet purchased his kits from reputable dealers in America, then had them shipped over.

Everything about this kit is in lovely condition: the shells are 5-ply maple-birch with reinforcement rings; the wrap is tight, the rotary-dialled internal mufflers work wonderfully; and the bearing edges are fine. There is a minor mark on the 13" tom where the snare occasionally brushed against it, but that is very faint and barely noticeable. There is some colour aging to the wrap, most noticeably on the floor tom (see photos), but that too is only noticeable upon closer inspection. Overall, just very minor marks on the drums from use, so it is very difficult to find fault. In fact aside from those superficial matters this truly fine kit is, in our opinion, faultless. And that’s saying a lot for drums that are now 56-plus years old.

Though the guide date for these drums is 1969, this is what is called a ‘transition kit’. The tags in the toms indicate the 16” was made in Fullerton, California, home of Rogers between 1966 and 1969 (and part of the CBS-Fender Guitars family), while the 13” is from the Dayton, Ohio, where the drums were made from 1969 onwards. Still, the sonic matching is excellent.

The all-original fittings include a Swiv-o-Matic single-tom mount positioned at 11 o’clock on the bass drum, floor tom legs and disappearing bass drum spurs. Factory-correct cymbal arm mounts on both sides of bass drum mean this kit can accommodate a cymbal and splash or cowbell.

There is no snare with this kit, though we do have a colour-matching 14” x 5” Rogers Powertone as an optional add-on. Some vintage Rogers bass drum pedals are also currently in stock.

The vintage vibe is truly happening with this gorgeous Sparkling Pink Champagne kit from what we feel is popular music’s greatest era.

What you get:

Snare: None (but there is an optional colour-matching Powertone plus other models)

Top Tom: 13” x 9”

Floor Tom: 16” x 16”

Bass: 22” x 14”

Fittings: Bass drum-mounted Swiv-o-Matic single-tom holder; disappearing spurs (2); bass-mounted L-arm holders (2)

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