Vintage Rogers 'Big R' Butchers Block



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Vintage Rogers 'Big R' Butchers Block

Here's a lovely example of a Rogers 'Big R' era kit in the rarer Butchers Block finish. The wrap on this kit is exceptional, the drums look like they have just come off the production line. 

The Big R era ran from 1975 to 1984, and the shells here are 5-ply with speckled grey sealcoat interiors, like those that made Rogers famous in the first place. 45 degree bearing edges give the drums a big, clear sound with the warmth that vintage Rogers drums are famous for.

The hardware is all-original Memriock – the innovative design that was light in weight yet designed to withstand the punishing pressures of heavy playing. The double-tom post and bass drum spurs are Memrilock but the floor tom legs and brackets are the earlier type.

Some very minor marks on the shells but hardly noticable; a couple scuffs on the badges. Chrome is very good.

What you get:

Top Tom: 12 x 8"

Top Tom: 13 x 9"

Floor Tom: 16 x 16"

Bass Drum: 22 x 14"

Hardware: Floor tom legs (x3), Double Tom Post, Bass Drum legs (x2)

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