Our Quality Assurance

Nick HopkinBecause we deal in vintage gear, we are particularly attentive to all aspects of quality, so whether you choose your drums in our shop or online, they have all been personally sourced, selected, serviced and sold to you by me, Nick Hopkin.

Over the years I have built up a trusted global network of collectors and other sources to ensure an ever-changing inventory of high-quality and often very rare and collectible vintage drums and accessories. Because much of this comes from private collectors and families, it is in great, even museum-quality condition. Though stock varies at any given time, typically we have a substantial inventory of major and relatively rare British and American marques as well as an abundance of parts and hardware (some kits are offered complete with original period-correct stands).

In addition to reviewing all drums when I source them, each is given my All Points Check-up (APC), a close-up examination of each shell, its finish and fittings, prior to being photographed and listed. This includes ensuring every shell is in round, tunes up easily with modern heads and, most importantly, sounds great. Where something needs finessing or adjusting, that is also done. Because these are vintage drums we don't aggressively clean them; that is down to personal preference. The general consensus from those who get their gear from us is that they like to keep those vintage drums looking vintage.

All items are listed and described on the website as honestly and in as much detail as possible.