Vintage Premier Elite, 1979 - SOLD


22,13,14,16 in Chrome

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Vintage Premier Elite, 1979


I love mirror kits. I think the last chrome Premier set I had in the shop was the set that Premier built for Carl Palmer in 1981; that was Chrome over stainless steel and literally weighed a tonne! This one is chrome over wood, but equally as shiny and would look cool on any stage.

These sets were Premier’s flagship in the 1970s and are still popular today for their suitability for just about all styles of music – whether it be live or in the studio. The Premier shells never really changed (apart from a few years in the early 70s when Mahogany was used), always reliably ‘in round’ and manufactured with the highest standard of chrome plating known in the drum industry. The chrome wrap was available on sets from 1978- 1983, and are seldom on the market in this condition.

This set is in the most common sizes for a late 70s kit, in a 22,13,14,16 configuration. The shells are birch with beech reinforcement rings, internally date stamped 1979. The chrome wrap is very good, with some minor wear and tear marks and some small dents to the mirror, but overall in very good condition.

All drums are fitted with Premier’s flush single tom lugs, die cast hoops and slot tension rods. The more reliable fold out spurs are present on the bass drum, as is the 392-50 oval tom mount socket and sturdy double tom post. Everything on this set is exactly as it would have been presented in a Premier catalogue or on the showroom floor. Trust me, head will turn if you take this kit out to play shows!

What you get:

Top Tom: 13x9”

Top Tom: 14x10”

Floor tom: 16x15”

Bass Drum: 22x14”

Hardware: Double tom post, floor tom legs (3), fold out bass drum spurs (2)

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