Vintage Gretsch Name Band, 1960s - SOLD


22,13,16 - 6 ply shells

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Vintage Early 1960s Round Badge Gretsch 'Name Band'


A Gretsch Name Band three-piece shell pack – 22”, 16”, 13” – in aged white marine pearl, complete with all-original fittings and original vintage heads. And look at those sizes: this is That Great Gretsch Sound for all styles of music, with tone and power coupled with the dynamic control you would expect of a kit crafted at the Gretsch workshop on South Fifth Street in Brooklyn, New York nearly sixty years ago.

The bass drum hoops are black with pearl inlay, while the toms feature die-cast hoops, which increase tuning accuracy and help focus the response, so the strokes punch through that resonant tone. If you want to reduce resonance in the toms, there are rotary dial (versus ‘lever-style’) internal tone control mufflers – top and bottom of each tom and on the batter side of the bass – so you can shape your sound.  

In addition to a rail-mounted tom holder, fittings on the bass drum include retractable straight spurs and two brackets to take L-style cymbal holders (the top one typically used to mount a splash or cowbell).     

This kit totally looks, feels and sounds vintage, and is a perfect example of why for the likes of Steve Ferrone, Vinnie Colaiuta, Charlie Watts, Mark Guilliani and so many others, Gretsch is the go-to.

What you get:

Snare: None (matching snare available separately)

Top Tom: 13” x 9”

Floor Tom: 16” x 16”

Bass: 22” x 14”

Hardware: Floor tom legs (3); bass drum spurs (2); rail-style top tom mounting unit; L-style brackets affixed to bass drum (2)

Finish: White Marine Pearl

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