Vintage English Rogers 'Constellation' Outfit - SOLD


Early 1960s 20,12,16 & snare

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Vintage 1960s English Rogers ‘Constellation’ outfit in blue pearl.


English Rogers drums were manufactured in the Boosey & Hawkes factory alongside other English brands such as Edgeware and Ajax, between 1961 and 1968. As documented on the English Rogers website ( the intention was to produce drums that were indistinguishable from the USA drums. They were marketed as Rogers, the term 'English Rogers' coined at a later date. The company made no secret that the drums were made in the UK.

The most notable difference in these drums, when compared to the American drums, is the shells. These are 3 ply birch with reinforcement hoops, with the grain of the inner ply running vertically, rather than around the drum, with a light lacquer coating.

This earlier set features the ‘bread and butter’ lugs (they swapped to ‘Beavertail’ in 1965, about twelve months later than the US drums) and classic ‘tall boy’ hoops. The hardware on the drums is identical to American Rogers, with Swivomatic brackets and holders, preferred by many name drummers who played other 1960s brands.

Name English players seen playing these sets in the 1960s include Pete York (Spencer Davis Group), Keith Moon (The Who), Mick Avory (The Kinks) and Clem Cattini (sessions) among others.

This set is in the ‘Constellation’ configuration of 20,12,16 with a matching Powertone snare drum, all finished in Blue Pearl. The wrap on all drums is beautiful, with no issues at all bar the odd small scratch from use. The hardware is fully functional, and the chrome on all lugs and fittings is good.

What you get:

Top Tom: 12 x 8”

Floor Tom: 16 x 16”

Bass Drum: 20 x 14”

Snare drums: 14 x 5”

Bass drum spurs, floor tom legs, swivomatic tom arm. (Snare stand not included)

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