About Me

Nick Hopkin

Nick HopkinHello, I'm Nick Hopkin.

If you're into top quality vintage drums, as you can see in my photo, you've come to the right place. Vintage drums, period-correct hardware and authentic spare parts are exactly what we do here at Nick Hopkin Vintage Drums.

On any given day our ever-evolving inventory can include Hayman, Gretsch, Premier, Ludwig, Slingerland, Sonor, Beverley, Rogers.... We handle some of the most rare, wonderful and sought after drums on the planet.

Our repair and restoration services are also top notch. So too is our hire service, which is popular with bands and producers wanting seriously vintage sounds for a tour or recording session.

Possibly you've heard of us. Tucked away in the quaint village of Abergavenny in Wales, since 2012 we have been establishing a reputation as the go-to, not only for great gear, but also a level of personalized service that means you can pop into the shop to pick up a snare or kit, or if you're further away, order via our e-commerce site. If you are beyond the borders of the UK we offer international shipping on all items. Germany, Japan, Italy, America...wherever you are, we can get anything from a wing nut to a complete kit to you, no problem.

As I said, if you're into top quality vintage drums, you've come to the right place.